Tetris'09 FREE is a simple Tetris implementation for MacOS.
We've focused to provide the best gameplay without "amazing" sound and visual effects.

Tiles, Background and Window size are customizable. Use N or Cmd+N, P or Cmd+P to start/pause/resume game.

Download now (296 kB)

Tetris'09 was originaly created for my wife, who moved to Mac from PC and was unable to find
"playable" Tetris without tons graphic and sound effects. She was playing Tetris'99 for Windows,
so I've simply created Tetris'09 (which is my first Mac application). Hope you'll like it.

Tetris'09 is a Donationware application. This mean you can use it without restrictions for free.
However, if you like and use it, we ask you to Donate an acceptable for you amount of $ to support
future Tetris'09 development.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions: alsedi.desktop@gmail.com

Copyright © 2009 ALSEDI Group. All rights reserved.