iTravel Alarm Clock - Traveler`s Clock, Alarm & Sleep Assistant Screensaver

iTravel Alarm Clock is a configurable screen saver displaying a moving clock. It was designed for people who sleep in hotels and travel a lot. It provides a large, low-light clock for your notebook screen that can be seen from across the room.

Besides the fact that it offers a customizable Alarm with the Fade-in effect, iTravel Alarm Clock also has Sleep Assistant feature playing five high quality stereo nature sounds (Lake Shore, Ocean Waves, Rain Forest, Mountain Stream, and Tropical Forest) and White Noise. This additional feature creates an ambient, relaxing atmosphere and, thanks to the Sleep Timer and Fade Off features, it can easily help you fall asleep.

You can choose a custom sound file to be used as Alarm or Sleep Assistant. Flash Screen feature makes the clock to flash on Alarm.

iTtravel Alarm Clock is a shareware. It will stop working after 15 minutes if not registered.

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  • NOTE: iTravel Alarm Clock screen saver is currently available for MacOS X 10.5 and higher (Leopard, Snow Leopard). Please do not try to install it to prior MacOS version.


    As a frequent traveler, I find hotel clocks to be only slightly better than a rooster. iTravel Alarm Clock gives me incredible flexibility for setting up my MacBook to not only help me to wake up to any sound I like, but to fall asleep in a strange bed with its Sleep Assistant makes for a very relaxed person the next day.
    Bruce Gerson, USA

    iTravel Alarm Clock... finally!!! a travelers clock you can't live without. I relied heavily on the older (pre-Intel) version of this clock made exclusively for your noisy hotel stay (I MUST mask hotel noise)- generates a decent neutral white noise or other sounds of your choosing, a screen saver clock that gently floats around your screen so you can see it clearly across a dark room, and a 'no fail' alarm that works better than any other device I use. If you travel, stay in hotel rooms, or have noisy kids- you need iTravel Alarm Clock!
    Gail M. Murphy, USA

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