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keyCulator is the simplest calculator software in the world. However, the simplicity is both a concept and a power!

This is the only calculator software without a program window. Actually, there is no window at all! But how can it work? The answer is simple: keyCulators add calculation functionality to ANY RUNNING PROGRAM.

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Imagine you are typing "1+3" in a Notepad or MS Word document and hitting "=" (or KeyPad Enter key in NumLock mode). keyCulator will paste the result right into the document and you'll get "1+2=3". If you need only the result, just press "=" once again and keyCulator will replace all the characters typed by "3", the result. If you do not need the result in your document, but just need to know it, simply press "Esc" and the result will be removed from document.

Sure, you can continue calculations using previous the result! Simply type in an Operator (+ - / *) after pressing "=" and start a new expression. For example: "10/2=5*4=20".

You can now calculate even on the Windows desktop! keyCulator will show the expression and the result in a hint window at the bottom of the screen!

Complicated expressions with brackets are also supported. For example: "(1+2)*3=9". More power is brought by the built-in Constants (like "pi", "grav", "lightspeed", "earthaccel" etc), Functions (like "log", "sin", "round", "sqrt" etc), and even User-Defined Variables.

Just try keyCulator and you will never need to run or don't forget to run :) Windows Calculator again!

Download Free Trial (810 Kb) Buy Now for only 12.99 USD

keyCulator customization optionsWindows Vista compatible

keyCulator can be easily configured to meet your own unique needs. You can switch off result hint window or customize Font, Color, Outline width, and more. Or you can switch off pasting result into document to just see the results. The AutoStart option is also supported.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: keyCulator evaluates the expressions that you type on your keyboard, but not the ones that appear in your document. This means than keyCulator will NOT be able to correctly evaluate the expressions if you paste numbers or move the cursor using arrow keys (the only correction operation allowed is Backspace). editors have called the keyCulator the most promising in its class!

Arithmetic operators supported (sorted by execution priority):
Operator Description Examples
^ or ** Power 2^2=4, 10**3=1000
/ Real division 10/2=2, 10/3=3.3333, 5/2=2.5
* Multiplication 10*2=20, 1.5*5=7.5, 10*0.3=3
div Integer division 11 div 2=5, 10 div 4=2
mod Remainder 20 mod 3=2, 20 mod 5=0
+ Addition 15+1=16, 20+7=27
- Subtraction 9-4=5, 12-42=-30

Built-in Functions:
arccos arccosh arcsin arcsinh arctanh ceil cos cosh cotan deg exp floor frac ld log log10 log2 ln rad random round sin sinh sqrt tan tanh trunc

User-Defined Variables:

keyCulator allows you to define an unlimited number of named variables, which can be used for future calculations. For example: type "ten>10=" you will get "ten>10=10". Since now, each time you use "ten" in your expressions, its value 10 will be used, like "ten+5=15".

Variables are suitable for converting currencies, for example. Let's say EUR/USD exchange rate is 1.4321 now. So you can set the variable "eu" to the value of rate by typing "eu>1.4321=", and any time later you can easily convert USD to EUR and reverse. For example, you need to convert 100 Euros to Dollars, just type "100*eu=123.45". To convert Dollars to Euros, use division: "102/eu=65.69".

The 'ans' variable contains last calculated result. You can continue your calculations later using this variable.

To get the variable value, simply type its name and press "=". Results for the above examples are "ten=10" and "eu=1.2345".

Built-in Mathematical, Physical & Chemical constants:
pi = 3.141592
euler = 2.718281828459
planck = 6.62607e-34
dirac = 6.62607e-34/(2*pi)
bolzmann = 1.380658e-23
earthaccel = 9.80665
lightspeed = 2.99792e8
grav = 6.672e-11
loschmidt = 6.0221415e23
avogadro = 6.0221415e23
theanswer = 42

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