PerfectClock for Android

PerfectClock - When Telling the Time Gives You Pleasure! It's worth its price and justifies its name!

We don't entice you with phrases like "three-or-even-five-beautiful-clock-themes", because we ALREADY offer more than 50 clock skins FOR FREE, including amazing artwork from We will NEVER charge you for additional skin downloads.

PerfectClock is not just a clock application. It offers a customizable alarm and that it can tick every second (which makes the clock even more realistic).


  • A lot of FREE skins available for download. Please visit our "PerfetClock for Android" website and feast your eyes upon our large selection of clock skin. One of them will certainly make you WOW!
  • Highly customizable skins. Depending on the current skin design, various options are available, such as 12/24 Hour Mode, Show Date, Show Month, Show Day of Week and Show Seconds.
  • Screen dim feature. Slide or double-tap the screen to dim, and your PerfectClock won't shine in the dark on your night stand or in your car.
  • Starts as screensaver when the phone is locked or when the power is connected.
  • Comprehensive Help. By using our Help menu, you'll never get lost in PerfectClock features.
  • Search for "PerfectClock" on Android Market or use barcode scanner.

    Targeted for devices with 320x480 screen dimensions.

    PerfectClock skins available for download:

    Please feel free to contact us at if you have suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports. Let's make PerfectClock better together!

    The PerfectClock for iPhone has been translated into the English and Russian languages. If you would like to help us with translating the PerfectClock into other foreign languages, please contact us at:

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